New Single: “Come Back To Me” – Utada


Japanese pop singer Utada Hikaru has released a new English-language single called “Come Back To Me” under her American alias, Utada. The song opens with a flourish of the piano and soon moves into a pretty standard R&B song with lyrics full of loneliness aimed at a former lover. I don’t want to be alone, croons Utada over a gritty beat combined with delicate piano. Overall, it’s a very nice song if not a little bit – dare I say it?- unoriginal. However, the song shows a lot of potential for the mainstream success in America that Utada so deserves.

Tentative release dates for Utada’s yet-untitled English album are March 4 in Japan and March 24 for the United States. I will definitely be reviewing the album when it comes out, so check back for updates.

The full song can be heard at Utada’s official English website here:


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