Music Video: Ayumi Hamasaki – “RULE”

As I was surfing aimlessly on the ‘Net earlier, I happened upon the new PV for Ayumi Hamasaki’s single, “RULE”. The song is being used as the ending theme for the live action Dragon Ball Evolution film, the US release date for which is in early April.

Well, wow. I don’t know what I was expecting from this PV, but it was…not this.

The premise of the video is not hard to follow. Ayumi Hamasaki, dressed as some kind of a female ninja dominatrix complete with slaves, is walking and dancing around a traditional-looking martial arts dojo followed by some pleather-clad male backup dancers. Alright, not so bad. Makes sense, since this is the theme for Dragon Ball. But then, there are shots during the bridge portion where the song slows down considerably, and Ayu is shown wearing some bejeweled gloves and not singing. The video soon thereafter returns to some shots of a guy jumping around doing some crazy martial arts moves. It’s a bit jarring, and I nearly went “WTF” out loud when I first saw it. 

In short, this PV ranks on my scale as a “good” – not quite great, better than okay, at times leaning towards awful. The song itself is awesome, so that alone makes the whole thing worth watching at least once. 
Right now, though, I’m really hoping for a PV for “Sparkle”.

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