Money = Gone


High prices for J-Pop CDs have left me in despaaaiiirrr!

Alright, so let me explain.
 Because I enjoy reviewing music so much and giving you the best music reviews I possibly can, I’ve chosen 4 CDs that are being released in the month of March to review on this blog.

Ayumi Hamasaki – NEXT LEVEL (3/25/09)
 TVXQ – The Secret Code (3/25/09)
Utada – This Is The One (3/24/09)
BoA – [self-titled] (3/17/09)

All well and good, right?
Well, two out of those four CDs are going to cost me over $50 dollars each, not including shipping. Other music reviewers may not see this as a problem, but as a teenager with no source of income besides my parents – who are VEHEMENTLY against spending so much money on CDs, let alone Japanese ones – the situation is rather grim.
And so I must withdraw this money from my bank account, in order to bring you the reviews you so crave.
Feel special ;]

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