Single Review: Yuna Ito – “trust you”

Yuna Ito’s thirteenth single, trust you, was released on Wednesday, March 4, 2009. Promotion for this single includes the A-side as the second ED for the popular anime Gundam 00 S2. The single peaked at #5 on the Oricon Weekly Chart.

If Yuna Ito had not already proven to us that she can sing, she has now. trust you, a grandiose love ballad, features her best vocal performance since Precious in 2006, her 2nd best-selling single to date. Yuna’s voice soars over simple piano and R&B beats, as well as additional strings during the chorus. Adding to the pristine beauty of this song are the lyrics, which speak of love, peace, and of course, trust. One of the more unique aspects of this song are the small, disembodied vocals that show up sporadically throughout the song, which, while pretty in and of themselves, add to the power of Yuna’s voice. To cap off this section of the review, I simply cannot overstate the brilliance of this song. It is Yuna’s best in a while.

Brand New World is very cute, if not a tiny bit mediocre. The beat is bouncy, the synths are vibrant, and the whole thing basically sounds like a gigantic throwback to bubblegum pop of the late 90s and early 2000s. The lyrics aren’t all that special, except for the random English which, thanks to Ito being a native speaker, sounds perfect and not awkward at all. After listening to it a couple times, this song sounds kind of like something that would be done by KOTOKO or Tamaki Nami. It’s basically the musical equivalent of empty calories – enjoyable and sweet at the time, but ultimately holding no true nutritional value.

No Yuna Ito single is complete without a totally boring, unnecessary remix. Koi wa groovy x2: DJ Passion More Passion Remix has very little to offer that’s different from the original, which itself is a perfectly good song. Thankfully, this remix is very short – mercifully short – at 3:42, which makes it worth listening to just to get it out of the way.

trust you – Gundam 00 Version – is exactly what the title says it is; it’s the TV version of the A-side that you can hear in the ED. It’s pretty, short, and sweet. Nothing much else to it. The final song on the single is trust you -instrumental-, which need not be explained.

Summary: Fantastic A-side, decent B-side, bad remix. The former two cancel out the latter, so when you add them all up you’ve got one of Yuna Ito’s better singles in recent memory. It’s really a shame that this release had such a lackluster chart performance, but in comparison to some of her other much less popular singles (Koi wa groovy x2, あなたがいる限り~A World to Believe In~), it’s really not so bad. Anyway, highly recommended.

Single Grade: A


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