Single Review: Namie Amuro – “WILD/Dr.”

covera Namie Amuro’s thirty-fourth single, WILD/Dr., was released on March 18, 2009. Commercial tie-ins for this single include WILD being featured in a commercial for Coca Cola Zero, and Dr. being used in a commercial for Vidal Sassoon. The single reached #1 on the Oricon Singles Chart.

 I’ve got a lot to say about WILD, so I’ll start by saying that it is positively FIERCE. Right off the bat, the prominent electronic elements of this song make themselves known, telling the listener that they’re in for a heck of a ride. The beat, which is one of the most danceable I’ve heard in a while, is downright awesome. Namie’s fast-paced vocal performance is excellently suited for this song. Definitely one of my favorite parts is when she says Get wild, get wild, get, get, get wild, which just fits in perfectly with the sexiness of the song. 

Dr. has got a lot going on, and by a lot I mean A LOT. First, the song starts out with some electronic blips and beeps, and Namie’s smooth voice coming in with the first verse. Everything sounds good, even the charming Engrish way Namie says Doctor. Then, out of absolutely nowhere, comes a short verse that sounds nearly militaristic, with snare drums and vocals that could be described as operatic. It’s a pretty jarring contrast from the slowness of the verse and chorus, but on the whole it all melds together nicely. So glad this is another A-side and not just a B-side.

The final two tracks on this single are WILD (Instrumental) and Dr. (Instrumental).

Summary: Although I’m not normally the biggest fan of Namie Amuro, I simply had to review this single because it’s that good. Both A-sides are amazing, hip, FIERCE songs that really reflect what’s popular in music right now. Even though there are only two real songs on this single, there’s still more than enough to get an enjoyable listen out of it.

Single Grade: A


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