Single Review: Super Junior – “너라고 (It’s You)”

On May 11, 2009, Super Junior digitally released their third single from the album Sorry, Sorry, called “너라고 (It’s You)”. Three more songs were added to the single and included with the physical repackaging of the album. 

Having just recently been introduced to Super Junior, I was wondering how a group with 13 members would make a normal song work out. However, as soon as I heard 너라고 (It’s You), I was absolutely blown away. All of the boys sounded totally in-synch and their voices were nothing short of pristine. What amazed me most about It’s You is that it has a very sentimental feel despite keeping with the dance style that’s so prominent on the album. The soft, subdued verses in tandem with the upbeat chorus make for a magical combination.

Summary: Ever since I started listening to K-Pop, I’ve only ever heard excellent music, and Super Junior have not broken this trend. It’s You is a piece of pure pop gold and a definite sign for a step in a more mature direction for the group. I expect great things from Super Junior in the coming months, starting with this great release.

Single Grade: A+


4 thoughts on “Single Review: Super Junior – “너라고 (It’s You)”

  1. I agree with you “It’s you” is such an amazing song, I’m not fan of Super Junior or something like that, but I think it’s an excelent mix of dance/sentimental stuff.. Sorry for my lame english, I’m just learning hehe. I like your blog a lot
    Louis ~

    • Thank you for your comment ^_^ I didn’t know much about SuJu until recently and now I like them very much. And no, your English is not lame – it’s actually very good!

  2. I love SuJu. Though I missed Sorry Sorry performances while they were promoting it’s you. Sorry, Sorry is more fun to dance along with I guess, but It’s You nearly made me cry the first time I heard. So touching D:

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