Single Review: YUI – “again”

cover Tracklist:
 1. again
 2. Sea
 3. SUMMER SONG ~YUI acoustic version~ 
again ~Instrumental~

 YUI’s thirteenth single, titled again, was released on June 3, 2009. The single peaked at #1 on the Oricon. The A-side for this single was used as the opening theme for the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood anime series.

again is a song unlike any other I’ve heard in recent memory. Starting off with a subdued, almost haunting verse, it keeps building up into the slightly faster second verse, lightning-speed pre-chorus and gigantic chorus. I’m still a little iffy on YUI’s actual voice – it’s a bit weak for my tastes – but I was very impressed at her execution of the extremely fast-paced sections.  The colloquial style of her lyrics threw me for a loop a little bit, but overall I think all the elements of the song work well together.

The title of Sea is perfect because it immediately brings up memories of the beach. As far as acoustic rock ballads go, this is probably one of the poppiest and prettiest you’ll find. YUI’s voice sounds actually very beautiful which is why this is a great B-side by any standards.

SUMMER SONG ~YUI acoustic version~ is proof that anything that sounds good will sound just as good unplugged. As far as being better or worse than the original, there’s really not that much difference beside the obvious difference of acoustic guitar. I do like the laid-back feeling of it, but I honestly would have preferred a new original B-side.

Summary: YUI is definitely the most unique of all the Japanese artists I’ve listened to. She’s got a certain way about her and I wouldn’t change it for anything. With again, I can definitely see that her vocal technique, though not the most mainstream-sounding, works on many levels with her rock music style. But I shouldn’t be surprised, since everyone says wonderful things about her. 

Single Grade: A-


4 thoughts on “Single Review: YUI – “again”

  1. YUI rocks!

    Anyway, I couldn’t find an about page on your awesome blog (with that hot picture of Yuna Ito <3), so I guess I'll comment here. Would you like to exchange blog links? I'll add you to my blog roll!

    I hope we can be good blog friends!

    • Haha yes she does! I actually had an About page with my last theme but I guess it just disappeared. Haha
      I would love to affiliate, and I’ve added you to my blogroll! :]

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