major apologies! (a.k.a. I Fail At Life)

ALKDJFASLKDJ. I am so sorry for the inactivity, you guys. Epic fail on my part.

It occurred to me just recently that I had neglected to inform you all that I was going on vacation from the 18th-25th. It was totally wrong of me and I’m so sorry!

In addition, I’ve had a ton of over-the-summer work for school and it’s just been a little much. However, I will try to make up for this not-quite-hiatus by reviewing as much as humanly possible for the next two weeks or so, starting with Younha’s latest Japanese single Girl. So please look forward to it!

I hope you’ll all forgive me!


One thought on “major apologies! (a.k.a. I Fail At Life)

  1. Hey, I’m the writer of C’est la reve qui chante…

    and I just got your comment~ I’d love to exchange links~ adding you on my blogroll now 🙂

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