Single Review: Younha – “Girl”

1.  Girl
2. 贈りそびれた言葉 (Okurisobireta Kotoba)

Younha’s 9th Japanese single was released on July 22, 2009. The single was released simultaneously in Korea and Japan.

Allow me to take this moment to celebrate Younha’s return to J-Pop. Yay, finally! Okay. Now on to the review. Girl is just the kind of uplifting piano pop that Younha has made herself famous for. It’s pretty, simple and breezy. The mid-tempo strings and keyboards are very charming and compliment Younha’s voice nicely, although she sometimes sounds a little strained and nasal in the high sections. All in all, however, I am very impressed with this cute and girly (pun totally intended) song she has put together.

I had heard that 贈りそびれた言葉 was a re-arranged version of the song Saranghada from Younha’s most recent Korean album, but what I did not know was the degree to which it had been reworked. Aside from obviously being in Japanese, it has also been turned into a funky dance number while retaining its original melody. I’m a bit guilty for admitting this, but I’m pretty sure I prefer this version to the original. Call me crazy, but I just think the melody is better suited to an upbeat arrangement than a slow one, and Younha’s voice is gorgeous. And hey, it’s still got the piano, so it’s not too drastic a change.

Summary: After a long hiatus from the J-Pop scene wherein Younha made some truly amazing music back in her home country, our favorite Oricon Comet has finally returned. Although not entirely up to the standard she’s set with her Korean music, I’d say Girl is a great place to start again. It’s nice and fresh while not too far a cry from her roots. The same more or less goes for the B-side. I’m very happy that Younha is back with such a solid release.

Single Grade: A


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