Single Review: Kana Nishino – “もっと...”

1. もっと...(Motto…; More…)
2. missing you
3. Dear My Friends

Kana Nishino’s seventh single was released on October 21, 2009. It reached #6 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 17,956 copies.


Nice covers! Her facial expression looks a little blank and deadpan, but the rose and flower petal accents are pretty.

もっと a really nice midtempo R&B track that features some classy strings and piano. I was still getting used to Kana’s voice back when I first heard this song, but she does a really good job of keeping the nasal-ness to a minimum. It sounds like she’s singing in a more comfortable key and it really makes a difference on the song as a whole – in fact, she sounds more mature. The music really suits her as well. This is a very classy single.

Even despite its flaws, missing you is just the kind of charming and pretty song a young girl like Kana should be singing. It’s obviously a ballad, with piano and strings to last for days. The piano intro is arguably my favorite part of the song – before Kana comes in of course. It tends to stay on the predictable side and even sounds kind of dated, although Kana herself sounds nice. I do think she should stick to Japanese, though, because about 90% of the English lyrics in this song sound very accented. At least she’s trying, though.

Dear My Friends serves as the requisite cute, girly track on this single. There are some blipping, bleeping synths in there and Kana gives an honest effort at delivering a solid vocal performance, but there was no magic spark to connect the two and make a memorable song. Also, the English. Her accent sounded better but it was the actual words that were the problem.

Summary: I’ve hopped on the Kana bandwagon! xD
All right, in all seriousness, I am starting to really take a liking to Kana’s style more now that I’ve heard  a few more songs by her. She has a very polished, well-produced sound and her vocals are beginning to sound a little less girlish and a little more womanly. This gets a thumb up from me. However, I do think she needs to work on her English more before she continues to use it as much as she has been (her talk of “frashbacks” produce more stifled giggles than she’s probably aiming for). She’s definitely on the right track, though, and I can appreciate that.

Single Grade: B

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