Single Review: Younha – “好きなんだ”

1. 好きなんだ (Suki nan da; I Like You)
2. Sunday

This is Younha’s tenth single and it was released on November 18, 2009.

I’m liking her haircut! The stripes in the background look kind of dated, though.


Although I liked Younha’s single well enough, I must say that 好きなんだ is an improvement. The two singles are fairly similar, however this song has a more natural acoustic feel to it, ignoring the small keyboard parts. Younha herself sounds more or less good, although the melody isn’t one that seems particularly challenging to her, so we don’t get to hear her amazing belting or anything like that. The production values have also improved since Girl, but we’re still not seeing the high quality of her Korean works, which is slightly saddening. However, all things considered, I’m happy with this song because it’s very pretty and just an all-around nice song.

I have two words to say about Sunday: STEEL. DRUM. xD
Not to say steel drums are a bad thing at all or anything – in fact, I rather like them. I just felt they were so random, but in a good way. Sunday starts out with a laid-back tropical feel and then becomes a fast rock track with electric guitars and the whole nine yards. Overall it was pretty good, and Younha really gets into the rock feel toward the end, but it still feels a little like she’s holding back. For what, who knows.

Summary: Younha has got to be one of my favorite artists for a few reasons. For one, she’s a terrific singer, and another, because her music has a certain girlish charm about it that I can’t help but identify with. It seems like she’s really been trying to break back into the J-Pop scene lately, and she’s done a fair job at it – first with Girl, a generic though passable pop song, and now with 好きなんだ and its B-side Sunday, which I both found to be pleasant if not a teensy bit mediocre. For whatever reason, Younha’s music is just not being given the same treatment as it does when she’s in Korea, and for this same reason is not reaching the standards set by said Korean music. However, she’s going in the direction, as exhibited by the improvement in production in this song over Girl. She’s getting closer, which I’m glad to hear.

Single Grade: B


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