Single Review: YUI – “GLORIA”

2. Muffler
3. It’s all too much -YUI Acoustic Version-
4. GLORIA -Instrumental-

This is YUI’s sixteenth single. It was released on January 20, 2010.

I like the wintry feel of these covers. YUI looks very pretty also.


I’ve enjoyed the rock sound of YUI’s latest releases, but the upbeat pop feel of GLORIA was a pleasant surprise. There’s a lot of acoustic poppy-ness going on with the music in this song, and YUI remembers how to adjust her voice accordingly, which makes for a very happily listen-able performance. The yai yai yai yai thing she does during the chorus is pretty annoying, but it’s also the only real drawback to this song.

Muffler is a slower, but still cheery acoustic pop song that kind of reminds me of Michelle Branch from the early 2000’s. It’s a cute and feminine sounding song with a bouncy beat and keyboards. YUI sounds especially in control of her voice and vibrato in this one, which is pretty nice.

Next is It’s all too much -YUI Acoustic Version-, which is pretty much self-explanatory. I always tend to enjoy YUI’s acoustic takes on her own songs, and this is no exception. There’s something really charming about YUI’s voice, even after the bells and whistles have been taken away. I also really liked the simple harmonies in this song.

Summary: It’s nice to see an artist return to their roots after a period of trying something different. With releases like again and It’s all too much, YUI went for a more indie, prog-rock type sound, but GLORIA and its respective B-sides is a pleasant nod to YUI’s skills in simple and acoustic. Very nice single.

Single Grade: A


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