Single Review: Matsushita Yuya – “Trust Me”

1. Trust Me
2. ふたり (Futari; Two of Us)
3. Trust Me (Instrumental)
4. ふたり (Instrumental)

This is Matsushita Yuya’s fourth physical single, which was released on February 17, 2010. Trust Me was used as the ED for the anime Durarara!!.

That’s one good-looking man. Looks like he took a trip to the tanning salon, too.


There’s been an influx of really hot dance songs coming out lately.  I dunno what it is, but I don’t want it to stop, ever. Trust Me is an upbeat urban song and certainly one of the catchier J-Pop singles I’ve heard in the past month or so. The music is very danceable, with cascading synths accentuating the syncopated beats – it’s catchy stuff. Incidentally, this was the first time I’d ever heard Yuya singing pop, and it just reaffirmed what I had already known: this guy has range, rhythm, and very nice tone. Oh, and he can rap, too. Who knew? I have to say that I was really impressed by this song and I definitely recommend it to anyone who’s interested.

I’m pretty used to hearing ballads sung by Japanese artists – it’s kind of their thing. Normally, though, those artists are female. So imagine my surprise when ふたり turned out to be a grandiose ballad that pulls out all the stops. Not only was it cool to hear a legitimate ballad sung by a solo male singer, I also loved that it really showcases Yuya’s voice and how perfectly suited it is for pop music. As a person who takes singing pretty seriously, I was really able to appreciate the control he has over his tone and vibrato. Long story short, I guess you could say I was impressed, yet again.

Summary: I’m so glad I finally got around to reviewing Matsushita Yuya, because he’s a really special artist. And I know I may say that a lot, but I always mean it. It’s not terribly often that you come across a release that shows a singer’s versatility like this, which makes this single a rarity in itself. Furthermore, although Yuya is not the most well-endowed on the vocal front, he has a great deal of talent – certainly more than most of the singers at Johnny’s Entertainment, at least in my opinion. Yeah, I went there. So in conclusion, I’m incredibly glad to finally be enjoying Matsushita Yuya’s music, and I strongly urge you to do the same.

Single Grade: A+

4 thoughts on “Single Review: Matsushita Yuya – “Trust Me”

  1. “Yeah I went there” haha SO true. Though there are two or three in Johnny’s who can sing, yet they’re given shit to work with.

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