um. I just. okay. wow.

Brb wiping the drool off my keyboard.

I know this is jumping the gun a bit, since the song comes out tomorrow, but sweet baby Jesus, tomorrow can’t seem to come fast enough.

Good job, SMEnt. You have reaffirmed your status as marketing geniuses. Now work your magic on f(x)!

The full song, titled “Run Devil Run”, has been released!

My initial thoughts on this song were as follows:

1) WAY different from the music in the teaser, and thus slightly disappointing.

2) The song isn’t living up to the hype of being “dark/black/whatever” yet, but I expect it to have grown on me like herpes by the time I watch the MV a few times.

Also, this song was apparently first made by Ke$ha as a demo, but Girls’ Generation’s version is the official. glad that crack whore didn’t take it for herself and fuck it up

MV comes out tomorrow, and I’ll be giving my two cents on that too. Be there!

The MV is heeeeere!

Subs courtesy of SoShi Subs.

Just as I suspected would be the case, I really like this MV and my fondness for the song has improved as a result. Also, VERY pleased with the distribution of solos this time around. Love me some Yuri, Seohyun and Hyoyeon.

It’s also been brought to my attention that a story version of the MV is going to be released sometime soon, so I’ll be including that here too. Stick around and see.


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