Single Review: f(x) – “스릴 러브”

1. 스릴 러브 (Thrill Love)

This is f(x)’s second digital single and third single overall, released on March 17, 2010. The song is a part of the OST for the drama Romeo and Juliet.

No comments on the cover since f(x) isn’t on it. Lol.


A commenter over at Omona They Didn’t! on LiveJournal pretty much summed up the way I feel about this song: What is this? ;__; WHAT HAPPENED TO FEMALE SHINEE?? The only conceivable way that f(x) would have ever been made to record this song is if someone mistakenly put one of the demos in the Girls’ Generation pile into theirs. If you listen to the song, you’ll see what I mean; a song like this would have sounded totally normal from SNSD, who do cutesy stuff like this all the time, but with f(x) it sounds sickeningly sweet and just wrong. Even Amber’s rap, which I would normally praise because it’s pretty much all in Korean, seems horribly contrived.

Summary: TL;DR – wtf is this shit.

Single Grade: D-


3 thoughts on “Single Review: f(x) – “스릴 러브”

  1. Okay…even though I really like F(X) I hadd never downloaded that song…so when I read your review I downloaded it to see if it was really that bad…and oh God. This was just utter garbage! Please leave the cutesy crap to SNSD!

    What happened to the female SHINee??

    Yes that is a very good question! I don’t know myself but all I have to see is they better find where they ran off to quick!

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