Single Review: BENI – “bye bye”

1. bye bye
2. Stylish
4. bye bye (Instrumental)

This is BENI’s seventh single, and was released on March 10, 2010. The main song is the ending theme for the program Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ. The single peaked at #57 on the Oricon weekly chart and has sold 1,171 copies so far.

This cover is not evocative enough. It doesn’t catch my eye. Sorry, BENI.


bye bye is BENI’s first upbeat song in a while, and it doesn’t disappoint. The easy beat and light synths, providing a lovely backdrop for BENI’s husky voice, make this a very appropriate song for the spring season. It’s still a bit cold outside, but BENI manages to make it feel like spring again with the jazzy, laid-back feeling of this song. Very, catchy too.

I was a bit turned off by Stylish initially, because one of the first things you hear is BENI exclaiming “Gimme a beat!” I thought that was a little random. Things got a lot better throughout the verse and chorus, and it didn’t take long for it to grow on me. The whole song exudes a young, fresh air, with a bouncy melody and cute English phrases like Let me tell you, I’m crazy in love with you. If you liked bye bye, then you’ll DEFINITELY like this song.

サイン DJ HASEBE REMIX takes the original song from BENI’s previous single and gives it a breezier, more upbeat feel. Nothing is too drastically changed about it, so if you liked the song in its original state you’ll probably like this one. However, for the same reason, it may not appeal to you because it’s pretty similar. I personally enjoyed it, but you may have to listen to it yourself to decide your own opinion.

Summary: Here, BENI has given us three songs that are pitch-perfect for getting into the spring mood. Each has a different charm but none strays very far from the R&B/pop arena. Fans had been griping for a while about how BENI seemed to refuse to release an upbeat song, but this single remedies that issue and then some. To be honest, I’d be surprised if BENI fans didn’t enjoy this single because it has everything they’ve been asking for. I dare say this single has turned me into a bona fide BENI fan!

Single Grade: A
Recommended Tracks:
bye bye
| Stylish


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