Single Review: 2NE1 – “날 따라 해봐요”

1. 날 따라 해봐요 (Nal Ddara Haebwayo; Try to Copy Me)

This single was released on February 9, 2010.

I have to say, this cover is really cute. I wonder what they were actually carrying, though – a surf board? Lol.


In the style of their breakout hit, 2NE1 have come out with 날라 해봐요, a synth-y reggae track. I actually think this song is as good, if not better than, Fire because it’s not quite so in-your-face – but then again, that’s the reason why a lot of people liked that song in the first place. The heavy beats in this track would make it perfect for a club, and the harmonies add dimension to the heavily Auto-Tuned vocals.

Summary: Great comeback… er, semi-comeback single! It’s catchy enough to be a radio and club hit, but it never sacrifices that signature 2NE1 flavor. Recommended!

Single Grade: A+


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