Single Review: J-Min – “If You Want”

This is J-Min’s first single under Nayutawave Records. It was released on November 21, 2012.

I love the antique props! Gives the cover a bit of character. J-Min herself looks really cute, too.


I only recently discovered J-Min through an article on Arama They Didn’t!, but I immediately fell in love with If You Want. This uplifting pop-rock tune really brings me back to the days of my childhood, when female singer-songwriters like Michelle Branch and Avril Lavigne were the sensation du jour. From a musical standpoint, this song is pure pop and J-Min’s belting vocal style and huge range compliments the instrumentation wonderfully. The lyrics are a mix of Japanese and English, and since J-Min speaks both fluently it doesn’t sound awkward. Overall, I find this song ridiculously catchy and I’ll be jamming to it for at least a few weeks into the future.

Cry Baby takes a slightly more electronic route than the A-side, but still retains the same rock guitars and fun pop vocal stylings. The hook in this song is really catchy as well and I really love the maturity and confidence in J-Min’s vocal. The upbeat mood of this song compliments If You Want really well and overall I think it’s a great B-side.

Summary: I’m so, so glad I found J-Min. Her music is exactly the kind of uplifting pop-rock that I love and have loved ever since I was a kid, and her voice is absolutely stunning. She kind of reminds of Ailee if Ailee sang the kind of music YUI makes. Though this is her first Japanese single in a while, I’m already looking forward to what kind of music she’ll make, both in Japan and Korea.

Single Grade: A
Recommended Tracks:
If You WantCry Baby


2 thoughts on “Single Review: J-Min – “If You Want”

  1. i’m glad that you’ve discovered her and really like her! i’m super happy that she’s getting a lot more love nowadays. just like what you’ve said, i totally agree that it does take you back to childhood memories of michelle branch and avril lavigne. i personally love cry baby more, just because of the hooks. lol but both songs are great!

  2. Reblogged this on Simply Here and commented:
    just like what this author wrote, do check out J-Min! she’s super talented, and got vocals to prove it! plus… who wouldn’t want to jam out to some music that may take you back to childhood memories. =]

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