Single Review: Girls’ Generation – “FLOWER POWER”

This is Girls’ Generation’s sixth Japanese single. It was released for digital download on November 14, 2012 and physical purchase on November 21, 2012.

Love the spotlight effect and the styling. It’s cool how it ties in to the music video.


Girls’ Generation (aka SNSD) have been on that club/house music game for a while now, making FLOWER POWER an excellent addition to their repertoire. The first time I heard it, I totally fell in love with the bumping electronic instrumental and overall dance floor anthem feel of the song. As vocals go, this isn’t SNSD’s most remarkable song, as it features a lot of electronic tuning but conspicuously lacks Taeyeon’s signature display of vocal acrobatics in the bridge. I suppose, though, that that’s okay since this isn’t really that kind of song anyway. My primary complaint for this song would have to be the lyrics, which, though they include some catchy parts (namely the hook and “Do you wanna be my lover?”), are complete unintelligible nonsense, replete with English/Japanese word salad and the inexplicable “ADABANA.” I also think they could have chosen some members other than Jessica and Sunny to deliver the rap sections, perhaps Sooyoung and Hyoyeon, who are the best Japanese speaker and best rapper in the group, respectively. In summation, although this song has some pretty noticeable flaws, it is very catchy and benefits from some great production values. The girls of Girls’ Generation are at it again.

I’m normally not into SNSD’s cute stuff but Beep Beep is catchy AND adorable, making it really fun to listen. There are so many cute things happening in this song, from Tiffany’s hilarious speaking solo in the intro to the almost absurdly catchy hook (“Hello hello, moshi moshi, ciao ciao, busy busy” does it even get any cuter?). Like FLOWER POWER, the vocals in this song are not the most special, but Taeyeon and Jessica do manage to fit some belting in there, which is good. It’s kind of a shame that this B-side won’t be on SNSD’s second Japanese album, because I actually really like it. Ah well.

GIRLS’ GENERATION II Smash-Up is essentially a megamix of a few album tracks from SNSD’s second full-length Japanese album, titled GIRLS’ GENERATION II ~Girls&Peace~. I have to say, this megamix has me absolutely floored for the album, which comes out on November 28. Each song features that bumping club sound and I honestly can’t wait to pump this album out of my car stereo. The constant change of tracks keeps the energy up for the whole song, making it really exciting. A fun little tease for the album!

Summary: I’ve said on multiple occasions that Girls’ Generation’s Japanese material tend in general to be better than their Korean, and this opinion hasn’t changed. Although there are a few things that hold them back – language barrier being the biggest – Japan seems to be the place where SNSD have developed a cohesive sound and consistent musical identity, which, as I’ve mentioned before, they haven’t been able to do in Korea mainly because of SM Entertainment’s tight control over their image and scatterbrained approach to making albums. With this single, SNSD have reasserted their fun electropop sound and even given us a little taste of what their second Japanese album will sound like. After three great singles, I can truthfully say that I can hardly wait. Only a few more days!

Single Grade: A
Recommended Tracks:


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