PV Review: LM.C – “Punky ♥ Heart”

…or how swine flu ruins everything.

For those of you who were not planning on attending, LM.C were originally scheduled to perform at the A-Kon anime convention in Texas on May 29, but cancelled their appearance in response to the WHO’s announcement regarding the worldwide H1N1 outbreak.

Moving on the the actual PV in question.
It’s been a while since the boys of LM.C have put out a single/PV, but all I can say about “Punky ♥Heart” is totally worth the wait. Not only is the song totally catchy and not as grating on the ears as, say, “Chemical King TWOON”, the whole concept of the PV, though simple, is really nice and the pink-and-black theme is über cute to a fault.

maya and Aiji have stated that they plan to return to the US for a tour once the swine flu craze has died down, so if you’re a fan, keep your eye out for future shows!