Album Review: miss A – “Independent Women pt. III”

This is miss A’s second mini-album and fifth overall release under JYP Entertainment. It was scheduled for release on October 15, 2012, but was leaked to Spotify a day early.

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Album Review: miss A – “Bad But Good”

1. Bad Girl Good Girl
2. 마주쳐 (Ddak Majuchyeo; Just Fall to Me)
3. 다시 사랑
(Dashi Sarang; Love Again)
4. Break It

This is the first mini-album from the new JYP girl group miss A. It came out on July 1, 2010.

Not my favorite cover, but it gets the job done I suppose.


As the newest recruits to join the JYP family, miss A probably knew they were in capable hands, and their debut song Bad Girl Good Girl shows it. Starting with a strong statement (“You don’t know me, so shut up, boy!“), this simple but smartly layered electro tune is catchy enough to get into, but doesn’t sacrifice itself to trendiness. To put it simply, Bad Girl Good Girl was a satisfying debut song and I think it shows that this group has a good deal of potential.

Dance songs by JYP tend to have a hit-or-miss effect on me, and 딱 마주쳐 ended up being more miss than hit. On the whole it was sufficiently catchy in typical JYP fashion but it mostly failed to be anything more than standard dance club fare. I did enjoy the rap verse, though. Although I can’t recommend this song, I’m not ready to say it’s totally bad.

다시 사랑, I think, pretty much follows in the steps of the previous song. It’s a simple, easy dance track. My main complaint is that the song is a bit vapid, but other than that it’s catchier than 딱 마주쳐, so it’s still a step up.

Finally, something as interesting as the first track! I love Break It because it’s so spunky and full of attitude; it’s hard to ignore. The jazzy guitar riff and strong synths, combined with the auto-tuned verses and chorus, make it really fun. The rapped bridge is also really cool. This was definitely a good song to end the mini-album with because it saves the listener from two lackluster songs and leaves them with a good impression.

Summary: It’s a bit early in the game to make serious predictions, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that miss A are going to be big. Very generally speaking, Bad But Good was a fairly solid debut and has it established what kind of songs these girls sing. The problem is that some of the songs are a bit too complacent for me, if you get my meaning. But again, since they’ve only just debuted, I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Album Grade: B-
Recommended Tracks:
Bad Girl Good Girl | Break It